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Monday, November 22, 2010

Bucket of Cookie Dough

It’s been a couple weeks since my last entry. Sorry about that, had a big presentation I was preparing for, so didn’t have much time to blog last week. And today couldn’t be a better day to update this blog. I just love this time of year. If you’ve been around me for more than 10 minutes, I’m sure you’ve heard me say that a dozen times. There’s just something about the fall, and specifically the month of November, that I just love the most. Especially for running; the air is crisp and cool. The temp is just right and the fall colors make for great running scenery.

Running Update
Nothing too exciting to report on for the last couple weeks of running; I’ve been holding strong with 5 & 6 mile base runs during the week (Tuesdays and Thursdays). My last couple long runs have been 8 and 9 miles with a 10 miler on tap for the upcoming weekend. Once I get that knocked out, I’ll have met my goal of getting myself back to 10 mile long runs by December. The next goal is to maintain the 10 – 15 mile long run over the winter and then ramp-up to marathon distance training in the early spring. So far, all is going to plan. I just hope the weather cooperates so I can still be on the streets between now and March.

Training Update
This week is always a hard week to maintain a good workout/running routine. And it’s not just from having all sorts of food readily available at your finger tips. Having extra downtime from work combined with a sense of eagerness because the holiday season has officially kicked-off also contributes to many people’s lack-luster desire to work out this week. I know I feel victim to that last couple years. But this year my plan is a little different. Rather than be hyper-sensitive about calories, portion sizes and good food/bad food intake like I am every year at this time; I’m going to allow myself the one or two days of extra indulgence to partake in the tradition that is the Thanksgiving feast. And the reason why I can do that this year all center’s around my new workout routine. As I mentioned in my last blog, I’ve started a new workout schedule/routine courtesy of Men’s Health. Rather than the focused, isometric workouts I’ve been doing the last 14 months, this new routine is a return to the full-body functional movements that I had a lot of success with in years past (makes you wonder why I went away from it, doesn’t it). The workouts are shorter than what I’ve been doing, but I’m burning more calories (not to mention sweating more too) because of the up tempo, constant full-body movement. So with the new workout, comes more confidence about being able to burn off the “holiday calories” that I know I’ll consume over the next few days.

The other side of the “food indulgence” is swimming. I never thought I’d be a regular in the pool as part of my training and exercise. But I have to say, I really enjoy it. To anyone out there, if you think you’re in shape, hop in a pool and start swimming. You’ll quickly discover how NOT in shape you really are (that’s what happened to me). There are two specific reasons why I’m swimming: 1) it’s a great full-body, hardcore exercise that will kick your butt without the impact that running and lifting has on your body and 2) I’ve decided to do the Ironman triathlon in 2012. Yep, you heard it here first; I’m going to compete in the Wisconsin Ironman in 2012. And rather than play catch-up with my swimming training next year, I’ve already started in on a methodical swim training program that I can slowly workup to the 2.4 mile swim that’s the first leg of an Ironman event. I started swimming at the beginning of the summer. At first I swam laps for 20 minutes. Now I’m up to swimming 1.1 miles in just under an hour. My goal is to get myself to where I can swim 3 miles in one shot by time of the Ironman.

So with the new workout routine and extra burn from swimming, I feel good about not having to watch my intake of food this weekend. Of course I say that now, but I’ll let you know how this philosophy worked out in next week’s column.

Non-Running Thought of the Week
Fact: over the last three weeks, I’ve eaten an entire bucket of cookie dough. I don’t even know where it came from, but like clockwork, I’ve consumed 1 or 2 spoonfuls a night for like 20 days. On a related note, I’ve had an upset stomach for three weeks. Damn me for not having the will power to stay away from chocolate chip cookie dough! Now do you see why I run? If I didn’t, I’d be huge! LOL.

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving! Remember if you decide to run-off your calories this holiday season, “You’re not running until you’re GimpyRunning”.

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