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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Rebooting This Blog

Time to blow the dust off this blog and get back to grinding out meaningless thoughts and comments about running, training and other nonsensical junk floating around in my head.

Let’s get right to it.

Catching up
So it’s been since last spring since my last post. As I’m sure it is with everyone else, a lot has happened between now and then. But what hasn’t happened a lot is running. Here’s the rewind… I was on a quest to use Grandma’s Marathon in June to qualify for Boston. That so did not happen. In fact, I posted my second-worst time in a ‘thon at Grandma’s. In hindsight, I probably shouldn’t have even run it. I was injured, over-trained and just not prepared mentally. I had spent the month leading up to the race fretting and worrying about potential outcomes based on my setbacks and injuries I’d suffered over the last 6 months. In the end the run was a pure grind. I felt decent for the first dozen miles, but then hit “the wall” at mile 13. So the last 13 miles were a combination of pain, determination, run/walking and a whole lot of frustration.

I ended up having to take a full month off from running after Grandma’s just so I could heal. And then in late July, I suffered yet another injury/setback from dislocating and breaking a toe in a volleyball tournament. Spent the next three weeks on the mend (again) and by the time I was able to run again, I jumped back into it so fast, I ended up with Runner’s Knee and shin splints. It wasn’t until just a few weeks ago that I’ve been able to get back into and maintain a regular running schedule. I’m slowly working my way back to a 10 mile long run every week (still a couple weeks away from that) and I’m hoping to maintain the 10 mile long run on Saturdays throughout the winter. My long-term goal is to start ramping back into ‘thon training around March or so.

Running Update
As mentioned above, not a whole lot to update you on for running over the last few weeks. The most exciting thing that’s happened lately is the 2 mile yelling match I got into with some a-hole who almost ran me over in an intersection last week. Yes, you read that right – a “2 mile yelling match”. I was running along a mid-major road on the NE side of town. As I approached the intersection of a cross-street, I did my usual routine and took a quick glance behind me to make sure there wasn’t anyone attempting to run into me. After years of running and almost being hit several times, I do this out of habit as a last-second check to make sure any cars in the intersection are paying attention. Or, more specifically, paying attention to me. Sure enough, this genius wasn’t and sure enough, he proceeded to turn right from mid-major to cross-street cutting me off and narrowly missing my foot by a couple feet. So, like any good, well respecting runner should do, I tagged the trunk of this car, held up my arms as if to say, “what the f….?!?!” and continued my trek through the intersection. Apparently my slapping his car and corresponding jester did not sit well with him, because he stopped his car, and hanging half-way out the window, yelled me. My response was short and specific as I looked over my shoulder at him, “I have the right-of-way, Jackass!” I continued along the same road for another block then veered onto a bike path. I was still amped up from the exchange and replayed it a couple times in my head over the next half mile. At the end of that half mile, the bike path intersects a street and just as I was approaching that intersection Youknowwho from my yelling match had stopped in the middle of the intersection and was waiting for me. Sure enough, he had double backed to meet up with me again at the next bike path/street intersection. I was still 40 – 50 yards from him, but decided I would continue towards him, but if he got out of his car, I was going to take evasive action. I figured I wouldn’t be able to out-sprint him if it came to that. Thankfully he stayed in his car, but was yelling and swearing at me as I neared the intersection. I simply reminded him that I had the right-of-way and quickly passed behind his car. And by “reminded him” I mean yelled back, this time with more gusto. After I was through the intersection and continuing up the bike path, he sped off and turned on the next street that parallels the bike path. I could see him off to my left on the street pacing me, turning around in parking lots if he gotten too far ahead of me. This continued for the next mile and a half and we exchanged pleasantries each time the other was in ear shot. Eventually, the path must have been far enough out of his way, because when I reached the end of it (next to a fire station I might add); I didn’t see him. I kept expecting to see him throughout the rest of the run, but thankfully I didn’t. But I was on high-alert the rest of the way, constantly scanning traffic anytime I got close to it. In the end, I had only gone 9 miles, but was wiped from being adrenalized for most of the run.

Training Update
Starting this week, I’ve decided on a new routine to break out of my rut of the same old workouts I’ve been doing all summer and so far this Fall. Thanks to Men’s Health and Men’s Fitness, I’ve put together a full-body, functional workout that should help compliment my training as I work back into long-distance cardio shape. I haven’t put my own workout together in a while, so I’ll keep you posted on whether or not this is a good idea.

Starting off the new workout routine on Monday with legs/hips, back, abs and chest. Running Tuesday, then arms, shoulders, abs and back on Wednesday. Run Thursday. Friday is a day off. Saturday is long run (8 – 12 milers over the next month) with swimming and abs on Sunday.

Non-Running Thought of the Week
Don’t forget to follow me on twitter: @GimpyRunning. I have a lot of important, earth shattering things to say.


  1. Finally! Life was hard to get through when I didn't have your blog to read! By the way, I have no idea where you ever got the idea to hit the back of a car...

  2. Yoga is a great option when you are hurting to exercise, focus and work on core strength and balance. Plus it is very calming. A great option as the weather goes downhill and running gets harder to do on a daily basis.